Beyond Good & Evil HD. Review

Its original release dating back to 2004, this cult favorite, Beyond Good & Evil, is available now in HD downloadable format on Xbox Live Arcade as well as coming later in 2011 on PlayStation Network. Its first release was greeted with a warm critical response and the game grew a cult with a sequel announcement to sustain this success.

The gameplay is quite rich in setting the events go on: military compounds, exploration of Zelda-like dungeon, around the hub city and islands and industrial complexes dotting the map. Actually his game is the one where fans of Nintendo's veteran series will feel at home from their very first steps in the game. The gameplay is designed around a green-eyed photojournalist, Jade, who is drawn into a political revolt on an Earth-like planet, Hillys. Accompanying Jade in her adventures is Pey'j, her uncle, one of the many animal-folk inhabiting this world.

What makes Beyond Good & Evil stand out is the way different genres are blended together here:  stealthy gameplay (with a lot of crouching, that may grow quite tedious at time), photographing the different life forms in the world in the initial stages of the games (given the fact that Jade is a photojournalist), racing and pick-up-and-play combat and location-by-location exploration involved in different semi-optional side missions. It is this blend that probably accounts for the lasting legacy of Beyond Good & Evil.

The cone-of-field AI enemy sort of lacks depth and throughout the game the player will simply take advantage of the numerous blind spots in the game and pretty silly enemy follies. The player’s efforts throughout all the game are rewarded with local currency and huge pearls. The latter set the pace at which the game proceeds (reminding somewhat Mario's stars or other similar ideas), as the right amount of these pearls will allow the player to update their hovercraft, move forward through the game and onto the next area and release a successive key skill. Thus the most critical thing through the game becomes that of earning as many pearls as possible.

A quite lovely soundtrack is another outstanding feature of this game with the charming piano theme that grows into Arabic chanting of exotic rhythms and beats that animates everything around. All these features drawn together make Beyond Good & Evil a game that has personality of its own. The review is presented by Intellectsoft